Housing Development

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Upcoming Trainings

SDHDA has no trainings scheduled at this time. Should you need something in the meantime, contact one of SDHDA's Housing Development Officers at 605.773.3181 and they would be more than happy to get something scheduled.

Past Trainings

SDHDA Construction and Operating Budget - June 17, 2015

For this webinar, Scott Rounds walked through the Financial Feasibility (Income and Expense) and the Project Cost and Uses sections of the application, the SDHDA pro forma, and explained how these numbers correlate. Discussion was focused on the types of expenses you will likely incur, how to ensure you have sufficient financing or income to cover these expenses, and what alternatives may exist if your proposed budget doesn’t work.

Housing Development Workshop - August 28, 2013

The following topics are discussed in the previous videos: 

  • Why do we want to develop housing? Review of housing studies to determine housing need
  • Local Support and your key partners - Do you need to hire a developer?
  • Finding a site - Why is location so important?
  • Budgets and business plans - Why the numbers are so important
  • Financial resources - What is out there to help finance development costs?
  • Design standards - What requirements must be met?
  • Manage construction and occupancy and how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Filling out the Housing Opportunity Fund Application
  • Q & A

Trainings by Other Entities

Lead and Asbestos training by UND-ETI Environmental Training Institute

Housing Development Finance by National Development Council

Affordable Housing Professional by NeighborWorks® America