Housing Development

DakotaPlex Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the DakotaPlex cost?

The price of the two-bedroom unit is $75,900* plus applicable taxes and the price of the three-bedroom unit is $85,900* plus applicable taxes. This includes the price of the unit, transportation to your lot and placement on the foundation or basement. Additional placement charges may apply, depending upon lot location.

*Price subject to change.

What other costs must I consider before purchasing?

The price of the lot; the cost of putting in the foundation or basement; state, city and excise taxes; water and utility hook-ups. Other considerations may include a survey, sidewalks, driveway, curb and gutter. A ramp may also be added at the developer's expense.

How do I finance the DakotaPlex?

You could use one of SDHDA's financing programs found here or you could contact your local lender for additional financing options and information.

Are plans available for the foundation or basement?

Yes, SDHDA will provide plans for a basement or footing and foundation plans for a crawlspace.

Is there a place in the DakotaPlex to put a stairway to the basement?

Yes, if placing your unit on a basement, plans show where the stairway cutout is located.

Are there any restrictions as to where I may place the DakotaPlex?

The unit must be placed in communities in South Dakota of fewer than 5,000 people based on the most current population information.*

*Lot must be accessible to the movers.

Can I buy the DakotaPlex to use as a hunting cabin?

The DakotaPlex must be used as a rental and must be placed within city limits. Annual recertification and a six-month lease are required.

Is there a time frame of how long the DakotaPlex must remain a rental?

The DakotaPlex must remain an affordable rental property with maximum rents for a minimum of 10 years. A restrictive covenant will be placed on the property to ensure compliance with this requirement. You must own the DakotaPlex for three (3) years before you can sell the unit(s) at a profit above documented costs. If you sell the unit(s) before three (3) years, you may only recoup your initial investment.

Can I live in one unit and rent out the other unit?


What are the maximum rents?

Rents cannot exceed maximum rent at 70 percent of the State Median Income as determined by HUD each year. Certification at move-in and recertification annually. Minimum six-month lease.

Do I have a choice of siding colors?

Yes. You can select Canyon Drift or Charcoal Smoke vinyl siding.

Can I order extra siding if I want to add a garage?

SDHDA will provide the manufacturer name and color code, so that you can purchase matching siding from a local dealer.

Is there access to the crawl space from inside the house?

There is a crawl space access framed in, in the back bedroom's closet floor, but not cut out.

Are the walls painted?

Yes. All walls are taped, textured and painted.

How thick are the walls?

The exterior walls are 2" x 6" studs, 16"o.c., 7/16" OSB Sheathing + 1½" XPS Insulation . The interior walls are 2" x 4" studs, 16"o.c., ½" Gypsum board..

What kind of insulation is in the house?

R21 Batt insulation + 7/16" OSB + R7.5 1½” foam = R28.5 insulation.

Does it come with an air conditioner?

Yes, it comes with an Air Source Heat Pump.

Does it come with a hot water heater and water softener?

An electric hot water heater is provided. A water softener is not included.

What are some other features of the house?

Solid wood cabinets, four telephone jacks, three cable TV hookups, five closets, two outside electrical outlets, 30" range hood with a light, bathroom fan, three smoke detectors and one smoke + CO2 detector. Standard light fixtures are included.

Any more questions?

Contact your area Sales Representative or SDHDA at 1-800-540-4241