Mortgage Default Counseling

Are you facing Foreclosure?

Maybe you lost your job, have been seriously ill or injured, or your interest rates went up on an adjustable rate mortgage.

Whatever happened, do everything you can to make your mortgage payments. Your house is the most important investment you will ever have.

What should you do?

Open your mail...

Don't ignore any letters you receive from your lender. Those late-payment notices often have tips on how to bring your account up to date, plus telephone numbers and names of people you can talk to.

Call your lender and explain what's happening...

Your lender will work with you if you contact them early enough. Call before you miss your first or second payment. The longer you wait to let them know you are having difficulties, the fewer options you'll have.

Need more help?

You don't have to do this alone. Contact a HUD approved Counseling Agency...

They are listed on this website. There are options to prevent a foreclosure. They can go over your options, offer you advice, and help you negotiate with your lender. Time is a factor in success. It is important to act quickly.

Additional information about foreclosure prevention can be obtained by clicking: http://www.hopenow.com