Frequently Asked Questions for a Daycare

How much does the facility cost?

$75,900.* This includes the price of the facility, transportation to your lot and placement on the foundation.

*The price is subject to change.

What other costs must be considered before purchasing?

The price of the lot; the cost of putting in the foundation; state, city, and excise taxes; water and utility hook-ups; floor coverings and appliances. Other considerations may include a survey, sidewalks, driveway, curb, and gutter.

How do I finance the facility?

You would finance the facility like any other business you might purchase. Contact your local lender for financing options and information. Your Local USDA Rural Development office may have lending opportunities as well.

Can I place the facility on a basement?

Yes, SDHDA will provide plans for a basement or footing and foundation plans for a crawl space. Please contact Child Care Services for additional licensing requirements needed for daycare basements.

How do I license the facility?

For questions regarding licensing of the facility, contact the Department of Social Services Office of Child Care Services at 1-800-227-3020.

How many children will the facility accommodate?

It will accommodate 20 children.

What features does the Daycare have?

The Governor's Daycare Facility is a 1,200 sq foot, six room, 1 and a half bath facility. The dimensions of the building are 24'x50'.