Governor's Daycare

In 1997, the Governor's Daycare Facility was started to provide meaningful, technical home building skills to prison inmates as they produced modest, low-cost homes and daycares.

The Facility puts prison inmates to work learning valuable skills, while providing affordable, energy efficient, low maintenance daycares to communities of need. The simplified design keeps the cost of these facilities affordable.

The Governor's Daycare Facility has helped relieve problems in 70 communities by enabling families to access daycare alternatives they so desperately need to continue to work and live in the community of their choice.

Communities have also benefited. The Governor's Daycare has helped increase the tax base and has given communities new facilities from which to build better neighborhoods and needed daycares to care for their children.

Daycare Features

PDF of the Floor Plan

Governor's Daycare front of house
  • 24' x 50' home - 1,200 sq. ft.
  • 6 rooms
  • One and a half baths

Who Qualifies for the Governor's Daycare Facility?

The facility may be purchased and placed in any community in South Dakota outside Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Watertown, and Aberdeen.

There are two ways a daycare can be purchased:

  1. Daycare providers who are seeking to run a private daycare and are licensed or obtaining licensing.
  2. Non-profit organizations such as economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, or non-profits formed solely to administer a daycare or intending to lease to a licensed daycare provider.

Buyer's Responsibilities

Provide the lot. Purchase the building permit. Provide the foundation. Utility hookups and fees. Floor coverings and appliances (SDHDA will provide technical assistance for setup).

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a Governor's Daycare.

Daycare Price

(Includes Delivery and Placement)

$75,900*, plus excise and sales tax.

*Price subject to change