Standing Rock Housing Authority: Tribal Housing Development Leader

The Standing Rock Reservation straddles the North Dakota-South Dakota border west of the Missouri River. The Reservation encompasses approximately 2.3 million acres of land. According to tribal government estimates the population of the Reservation is 8,200.

To meet the affordable housing needs of the Reservation, the Standing Rock Housing Authority has utilized the Housing Tax Credit (HTC) program. They have developed more HTC projects than any tribal housing authority in the United States, yet the need for homes on the Reservation is still greater than the supply.

Roland Silk, Construction and Development Manager of the Standing Rock Housing Authority, said the agency has 249 families eligible for housing on its waiting list. There are also another 100 families in need of housing but are currently ineligible for their housing programs.

To help meet their housing demand, the Standing Rock Housing Authority developed 18 HTC projects in North and South Dakota. The projects were a mix of new construction and rehabilitated single-family homes. Utilizing $1.6 million of Housing Tax Credits from SDHDA, the Authority developed 184 homes in South Dakota, creating a $20 million investment on the Reservation. The majority of the housing units put into service between 2000 and 2007 were three-, four- and five-bedroom homes.

The Standing Rock Housing Authority also has programs in place to help the residents maintain their homes, including how-to videos and maintenance training.