Governor’s House: A New Start

For Rachelle Larson, February 2011 began a new chapter in her life. She and her two children moved into a new Governor's House in southwest Aberdeen. The Lease-Purchase option of the Governor's House program, in partnership with HAPI, made it possible for Larson to take steps to become a homeowner. Under the program, she's leasing the home for three years, with a portion of her rent going into an escrow account to cover the downpayment and closing costs when she purchases the home, which she plans to do once she is finished with school.

The Governor's House is truly a blessing for Larson. She left a bad marriage a few years ago. Larson and her children stayed in a women's shelter for a time, followed by several moves. Their home prior to the Governor's House was a substandard rental unit in a neighborhood that was not a good place to raise children.

Their life in a Governor's House is dramatically different now. The home is very roomy, has a backyard where the kids can play and is located in a good neighborhood, just three blocks from school. After she purchases the house, she plans to finish the basement.

Larson plans to live in her Governor's House for a long time. "This is it," Larson said with a chuckle. "I told everybody that if I have to move again, somebody will have to move my stuff, because I'll be dead."