Clark White: Learned the Ropes with SDHDA Guidance

Neighborhood Street

Clark White admits that when he first got into property management in 1982, he had a lot to learn from SDHDA's staff. "It was a great experience, a wonderful learning curve," reflected White. He is particularly thankful for being able to work with Elmer "Buzz" Whitepipe.

"Elmer Whitepipe exercised a great deal of patience to work with someone who didn't know the business," White said. Vona Johnson, Fred Waxler, Terry Berendes, and the rest of the staff helped him as well. "They were friendly, but very serious about their mission. They were going to do things right," stated White.

White's career began with APC Management in Huron. When asked when he knew that affordable housing was his calling, he said, "That is easy, it was the day I was able to get in the proper documentation to get a reimbursement approved according to the regulations. Yes, it was challenging and it had to be exactly right, but I loved being able to apply the rules and work my way through the 'mays' and the 'shalls' until we came to agreement. I was hooked."

After eight years with APC, White moved to California. He worked for a national property management company that managed properties in 30 states. He later moved to Minnesota and in 2006, founded Integrity Management & Consulting Services in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Integrity Management's portfolio includes 11 housing communities in Rapid City.

"From the very beginning," says White, "I was addicted to the interaction with the residents. I love having the ability to make a difference in their lives by helping them to know what is expected of them and challenging them to be accountable for their actions. The secret is to never cut them any slack. Many things have changed in this business over the last 30 years, but the bottom line is, you still have to do it right."